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July 2019 | Concept Note

Business and Human Rights Meets Behavioral Science: A Background Note

This pre-read for our April 26th consultation in London provides a brief overview of current thinking in behavioral science, and ways we might apply that thinking in a business and human rights context to improve outcomes for people.

September 2019 | Concept Note

Developing Red Flag Indicators of Human Rights Risks in Business Models

This document describes Shift’s approach to developing Red Flag Indicators of human rights risks in business models. The indicators will be a tool to help company leaders, boards and investors recognize and tackle risks to people that are embedded at the core of how a company delivers on its value proposition. We set out here our approach, structure and supporting resources for this tool, as we continue to consult widely on how to ensure its value and impact.

August 2019 | Concept Note

Evaluating Business Respect for Human Rights: A Theory of Change Methodology to Develop Meaningful Indicators

In this piece, we discuss our Theory of Change methodology, and why it’s such a valuable tool for evaluating business respect for human rights.

March 2019 | Concept Note

Rights-Respecting Corporate Culture: Cultural Norms & Values that Underpin Business Respect for Human Rights

This piece examines corporate culture, identifying the key elements that make a rights-respecting culture successful.

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